Think Forward Coaching Program

Think Forward is a 3 weeks coaching program where members learn, connect and engage with like minded people.

Workshops, Gatherings, and 1-ON-1 Coaching are the program’s essentials.

Why join us?

To be be part of a positive community, connect and engage with like minded people.


  • Adopt tools that assist in Overcoming life and career Challenges.
  • Aspire to Reach peak mental performance.
  • Attain skills to become a better Leader and learn to manage, lead, and inspire yourself and others.
  • Strengthen your mind, and improve your mental and physical well-being.
  • Grow and learn from other members, coaches, and experts.
  • 1-ON-1 Coaching with our Head Coaches to help you harness your learning process.


Program Information

Fees: 65 KD (One time payment)

Duration: 21 Days.

Start Date: The program starts on the 10th of August, 2019 and ends on the 1st of September 2019.

Eligibility: Program is eligible for both genders of age 16 and older.

How Many Members? To ensure an engaging environment and knowledge to deliver utmost efficiency, the program has only 15 membership slots available.

Commitment is compulsory in order to gain the most from this coaching program. It is kept to a minimum of one day per week only, during which we hold the main Workshop where the topic of the week will be delivered.

Other activities include the weekly Think Forward Gathering and the Outdoor Activities, which are both optional, yet highly recommended.

Not Able to Attend all sessions? That’s somehow O.K.

If you must skip one of the workshops due to any reason, “You won’t miss a thing” We will record videos of the theory sessions and send a view link to all members.


Head Coaches of the program

Head Coaches are responsible for guiding and mentoring all members individually and collectively throughout the 21 days experience.

Yousef AlQanai

Bio: Speaker & Writer in Overcoming Challenges and Personal Development. Specialist in Corporate Social Responsibility concepts creation and execution.

Founder of Forward Sports Events Company and other businesses.

Athletically; completed four 240 KM Ultra Marathons including the 240 km Marathon Des Sables in the Moroccan Sahara desert.

—-Want to know more about Yousef? View full bio here

Bader AlFailakawy

Speaker in Personal Development. Specialist in Community Management. Co-founder of Forward Sports Events.

Trained under Tony Robbins in Business Mastery Training Program in the United States of America.

Athletically; overcame obesity after taking part in the 240 km Ultra Run from Kuwait’s Northern to its Southern border.

—-Want to know more about Bader? View full bio here


Schedule and Topics

Week # Coaching Topic
Week 1 Overcoming Challenges and Vision Setting
Week 2 Mental Toughness, Leadership, Chatacter and Confidence Building
Week 3 Creative Thinking and Public Speaking
Week 4 — (Last day) Discover your ‘Why’ and the power of influence



Download Program Outline

Want to know details about the topics, schedule, and the tools we use to deliver the program? Download program outline here.


Join the program in 3 easy steps

The program has 15 membership slots only.

Step 1

Submit your application form in the button below



Step 2

Selection will undergo a review process by program’s Head Coaches (Yousef and Bader).

This step will take a process of up to 3 working days.

Step 3

Upon the acceptance of your application form, you will receive an email from one of the Coaches to confirm your entry. And a payment link will be provided to settle the program’s fees of 65 KD.


The program is 100% Non-profit

Not only the program is offered at shockingly affordable prices. It is also a non-profit program, and its earnings will go directly to the funding of non-profit organizations around the world, and to help us develop more programs like this one, the Think Forward Coaching Program.

Want to know about the Zimbabwe charity trip we organized in 2015? Click here



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