Ayman Nassar

Learn how to invest in the Egyptian Stock Exchange

By Ayman Nassar

Financial Consultant and Investment Analyst with 15+ years of experience.


In this Masterclass, you will learn…


Financial freedom is a dream of many, achieved by few. 


Learn how to start this journey with the goal of long-term wealth accumulation with the “How to Start Investing in the Egyptian Stock Exchange”

  • Investing in stocks vs. bank certificate of deposit.
  • Investment in the Stock market vs. gold.
  • How to determine how much you should invest.
  • Different types of profit from your investment in the stock market.
  • Understanding the concept of Unrealized profit and loss.
  • Understanding why stock prices move up and down.
  • The importance of diversity in your portfolio.

Event Information:

Date: To be announced.

Location: Online. – Via Microsoft Teams.

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