!Disclaimer: This article contains content that some readers may find disturbing and/or judgmental. 

I have always claimed that our Kuwaiti culture is beyond damaged, positioned for self-destruction at the subconscious level. A decay so deep it has seeped into the very neuro-wiring of our brains, enforced upon our youngest generations. 

I questioned my claim several times in an attempt to figure out whether my accusations were nothing more than natural human envy or lack of a generalized perspective. It was not until I recently came across a viral video of an interview with a famous figure rubbing his financial wealth in listeners’ faces whilst blaming the low standards society has sunk to for his easily attained success. His shameful self aggrandizement was masqueraded in the guise of motivating the upcoming generation. This definitively confirmed my claim.

The standard of this society is definitely low; there is no question about that. However, it is not as he claimed because money can be made easier here, or that fame can be achieved at the speed of light. The standard is low because of a myriad of reasons; from all the perfume entrepreneurs and the fat burger and cereals business owners, all the way to male fashionistas and their plastic wives vying to win the ‘Best Couple of the Year’ Social Schizophrenia Award. They ascend the local stage of fame with luminous white teeth and fake abs, the bi-products of gastrectomy sleeve surgeries. 

Until we witness true sermons of success and hear great thinkers providing proper tools to listeners to equip them with solid fundamentals of a purpose driven life to inspire and lead generations to come, we will sadly remain a shallow group of primates that never really evolved in this region.

My claim on the society is then shadowed by the question ‘Are we even able to?’. Let’s face the truth; it is almost nearly impossible for a blind, oil-entrusted society to comprehend such a ground breaking path of fortitude and inspiration, as it even lacks the very ability to understand the need to pursue such destiny, to seek true purpose and inspiration by example. This is not done by sharing the amount in your bank account as our deluded famous figure had shown in the interview referenced in the beginning of this article.

To inspire and move people, it takes more than a simple Youtube channel with a few people discussing it around an empty table asking us, the listeners, to swallow it on an empty stomach. It takes knowledge, and above all; it takes intestinal fortitude i.e. guts. That is hard to acquire, especially by those lacking knowledge of real struggles who are merely attempting to fill the gaps in their lives with ‘I-am-an-inspiration-for-the-youth’ title videos.

I pray for a generation that bases its efforts on promoting true self-leadership and fostering entrepreneurship by being intellectuals and mastering their respective fields and expertise. Only by utilizing resources of all shapes and kinds to build a foundation for diversity and collective teamwork to inspire listeners, can they go about preaching motivation and success to reach their full potential.

That definitely cannot be done by any of the undercover famous figure dummies we see on the stage of fame today. Most will simply respond with the over used cliche of ‘don’t be a pessimist’, well; that’s just being a realist.

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