Mark always told me to write and to keep writing. ThinkForward blog/e-magazine is now a live writing platform aiming to accomplish one objective. ‘To Inspire By Content’.

We will publish different topics around the Coaching and Personal Development experiences happening at the back and front stage of  Forward Sports Events. As a start for a first post, I want to share the first draft of the Foreword (Intro) of my upcoming book -Pursuit*-. I dedicate my book and all the efforts of this platform to Mark Gillett who was my mentor in struggles and achievements.

*Book; Pursuit – Planned launch date: Mid 2017.

“The Next Right Answer” 

Mark Gillett. 1961-2015

Foreword of ‘Pursuit’

I was only 23 when I first met Mark and I met him during a phase where I had issues to deal with and make sense of some realities. I needed to distinguish false from fake, right from great, and normal from extraordinary. It was a struggle to learn to dedicate my thoughts and intentions to high performance and success in business and in life.

I was around a negative circle of influence and poor leadership practices when I first met Mark, his coaching was clarity for me during that phase, to deal and manage situations and to channel my mind to different positive attentions. He taught me how to ignore negative thoughts and how to connect the dots and position my mind.

Mark has lived a truly influential life to everyone around him, he had the ability to inspire people around him. I remember when I was doing the 240 KM Marathon Des Sables back in 2011, he was part of the media and photography team of the race. The dunes crossing rated toughest foot race one earth was (ironically) a first running event for me. It’s only after years of Ultras and coaching people to do them in RunKuwait I have discovered the essence and extreme importance of setting small targets in running and to increase the competitive distance gradually. I just did 240 KM to begin with. It was crazy? yes. Was it right? Yes indeed. I just knew I had to do it as part of my personal growth. Mark helped me through the physical and mental preparations leading to the event, and during the event he helped me adjust my comfort zone and standard, which got me to finishing the event successfully. I still remember his words after day 1 of Marathon Des Sables “Stay humble, its a walk in the park, anybody can do it, finish it, and look for the next right answer’.

On the shoulder of giants

I’ve come to realize that we are the sum of our teachers. The ones who appear to us in our journey, and the ones we seek and hand them over the responsibility to guide us. It’s our choice solely to grow, and the only way to develop is by the guidance of those before us.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”.

– Isaac Newton

On the shoulders of giants. A beautiful quote by Isaac Newton. I have also come across it recently in Sir Kin Robinson‘s book The Element. He speaks about the effect of influence on us from a tribal level. It raises questions like; Who is influencing us?  who do we look up to? our teachers and coaches?. Newton’s quote is about the importance of exactly that; Newton’s wouldn’t have seen further and discover more, but by being influenced, guided, inspired, and by being on the shoulders of giants.

It also means we shall only achieve success by seeking for and identifying our tribal belonging, and not just any tribe. An influential one, a one that makes us grow. To me, Mark was the backbone of my tribe.

To Mark 1962 – 2015

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